10 Photos from the New York Public Library

September 4, 2019

A few months ago, I went to New York City. Why? Well, for the libraries and bookstores, of course. I not only got to see the Books are Magic bookstore and take a pic in front of the famous mural, but I also made a pit stop at the New York Public Library. Which is gorgeous, by the way. (I have the photos to prove it.)

I explored every inch of the library, hoping to find the best kept secret spots for photos. I did find some really cool things, but I also found out that most of the library part is kept closed off for researchers and people who actually belong to the library. It makes sense, but that is the reason there aren’t actually many photos of books in my library collection.

After spending hours and hours at the library, taking in the glorious book smell and beautiful design, these are the ten photos that made the Reading Whale cut. These photos from the New York Public Library will make you wish you could move in and live there forever. At least, that’s what being there made me want to do.

Well, we have to start with the majestic lions guarding the books.

C’mon, even the water fountains are lions (and gorgeous).

I couldn’t ignore just how amazing these front entrance windows were.

Then there was this study room straight out of a fantasy novel.

And this room that belongs in a palace.

Don’t forget to look up: you’ll miss the ceiling artwork.

And this one, too.

Seriously, just look at the attention to detail.

They didn’t miss a single thing when building this place.

And of course, we have to appreciate all the odes to book lovers.

Do you have a favorite public library? I think I need to visit all of them before I commit to one!

  1. I love libraries and love love love the New York Public Library! When I had my first job internship during undergrad at the UN Association just down the street I did my research there! So glad you loved it, too. You captured some beautiful pics! ?

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