My First Book of the Month

May 18, 2020

If you are like me, you’ve considered signing up for a book subscription forever, but you’ve never actually made the commitment.

Out of the many book subscription boxes there are, almost all of them involve some mystery surprise element, which just isn’t me. It was the main thing that kept me from signing up for a book subscription! What if I don’t like the book chosen? Or what if all the fandom goodies that come in the box are from books I haven’t read?

It just didn’t interest me to sign up for a book subscription box and spend money on something I might not like! So I never did.

But then I started seeing the blue Book of the Month boxes E V E R Y W H E R E. And I saw the books that people were ordering, and all the books they could add on to their main box. And I was like … this. this is it. So I finally signed up and I am so glad I did.

So, if you really are like me (a book lover with a commitment problem), you’ll love this subscription.

What is Book of the Month?

All the choices you have — every month!

First of all, Book of the Month isn’t a mystery subscription — this might be my favorite thing about it. Every month, you get to choose between one of the five books they are offering. AND if you don’t like that month’s book choice, you can choose from any one of their past books OR you can skip that month and save your book credit for another month.

Plus, it’s just always fun to get mail — especially book mail — even if you already know what it is. And never fear, you do get that exciting element of surprise, even without the mystery!

Seriously, you really get excited to find out what next month’s picks are because they could be anything. In the past, Book of the Month has featured debut authors, New York Times bestselling authors, and — my favorite — early releases!

Just this month, you could choose between an early release romance novel, a highly anticipated new release from Sue Monk Kidd, or any of the three other diverse genre picks. Seriously, every month offers something new and different, and you get to choose what you want to read.

Book of the Month because this is really the Goldilocks book subscription. You even get a free book the month of your birthday and at the end of the year. Seems to me like they are basically paying us to read great books.

My Book Choice

My book choice: Happy & You Know It!

I chose Happy & You Know It because the quick take seemed just my speed. I love that Book of the Month does this cute synopsis for each book you can choose from. You know I had to choose this one as soon as I saw the words fast read and snarky.

I only just got my book, but I know I’ll be sharing the book review soon. It just sounds like such a good read, and it isn’t one that I would normally go for in the store. All I know is that because of that synopsis it just made it to the top of my TBR list.

If you sign up for a book subscription, I recommend this one. It really has something for everyone — especially if you want to up your reading game and try out new books.

How to Sign Up

Ok… one last thing before I let you go! You still have time to sign up for May’s Book of the Month. If any of the books I talked about sound interesting to you, you can use the code MAY5 and get your first book for only $9.99. Honestly, quite the steal for a nice hardcover.

If you sign up soon, you also have time to get that fun surprise email when they announce next month’s book picks! I’m really excited to see what they’ll be choosing, especially since there were such great choices this month.

And if you are thinking you aren’t much of a reader, but you know someone who would L O V E a subscription (a.k.a. me, and literally anyone who has ever read a book and liked it), Book of the Month also has a subscription gifting option.

I know I’ve kept you for a long time, so I’ll let you get back to your reading/writing/blogging/anything else you are doing. I just wanted to share how much I love this subscription box, and how excited I am to have my first book! If you are already a BOTM member or if you decide to sign up, that you’ll let me know your monthly choices and tell me what you think of the books you’ve gotten!

Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Book of the Month. The links provided are affiliate links, which means I receive a portion from the sale.

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