About Reading Whale

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Hello, hello! Welcome to Reading Whale. I’m Caitlin.

If you are new here, welcome! I hope you like my posts and decide to stay for a while. As you may already know, I really like books (and exclamation points)! I started Reading Whale in 2017 as a young college student who had recently discovered that there were a lot of people who liked talking about books on the internet. The rest is history.

As for what I do on Reading Whale — well, I try to do a little of everything. Book reviews, quizzes, travel writing, soundtrack posts, etc. You name it, and I’ll write it. My hope is to someday soon be able to share some of my creative writing, and to help others with theirs!┬áSince this is an About page, maybe I should tell you a little more about me. My interests are all over the place, so this is about to get wild.

I love reading (obviously, been there, talked about it), but I also love art! Ceramics and painting are probably my favorite mediums, but I’ve been trying my hand at digital art! Let’s see… Iron Man is my favorite Avenger. I love cooking and baking but can’t do anything without a recipe. Nachos and Indian food are the way to my heart (preferably not in the same meal, though). I know some ASL, and I’m going to keep trying to learn more. And my favorite genres are romance, any type of adventure story, and general fiction. I don’t read nonfiction at all, really.

On that note, all of my reviews are my honest opinion. If I am approached for a review, or received a book from a publisher, I’ll let you know in the review, and that won’t change my opinion of the book!

I think I’ve covered pretty much everything, but if you don’t know something about me or Reading Whale that you would like to, you can always send an email or leave a comment! I’m really excited to keep exploring the book community with all of you. Thanks for reading and being amazing!