So Thankful for Bookstagram

November 30, 2019

It’s a few days after Thanksgiving, and having spent time with my family, it’s time to tell you all how grateful I am for my bookish friends. Writing this post got me in all the feels. It’s my third year on bookstagram, and I’m still as in love with all the bookish posts, challenges, friends, and giveaways as I was when I started it.

I also want to say thank you to everyone reading this. Whether you are subscribed and got an email (Hi, Mom and Dad), or you opened the link from my Instagram, or any other way, I’m SO thankful you are reading Reading Whale. It makes my heart sing when someone comments on my photos or posts, subscribes or even sends me a nice note. So, if I don’t say it enough, THANK YOU!!

Okay, enough of the heartfelt stuff, haha. Here’s a list of just a few of the things I’m thankful for:

Obviously, the books!

Ok, this first one is a bit of a cheat, but it’s the most important! I wouldn’t have a bookstagram without my love of books, but I can safely say bookstagram has the best recommendations. I’ve read and loved so many series and standalones I wouldn’t have known about without the bookstagram hype. #Thankful for that.

Can I get an A-R-C??

christmas books GIF

All. The. Advance. Books. I love and am so grateful for Netgalley and Edelweiss. If you have a bookstagram and you don’t have an account on those sites, you have to set one up ASAP. I love getting to read books before their release and help start hyping up new releases. Anyone keeping an eye on that new Christina Lauren? ?

All the pretty books + decor

So. Much. Pretty. Every time I open my feed, it’s flooded with pretty books, unique shots and the most gorgeous rooms. Seriously, having a bookstagram is the secret to keeping your room clean. Gotta keep it picture perfect.

Addictive bookish shops

Seriously, take all my money. It’s not just the books you spend money on as a bookstagrammer. I’ve found some of the best bookish shops through my bookstagram — from all the enamel pins, to the posters and even the planners. I’m obsessed with all my bookish purchases (and honestly, I need to start budgeting my spending into my monthly spending).

Common interests (A.K.A. fangirling)

fangirling GIF by Keith Urban

This is my favorite, favorite thing about bookstagram. Getting to fan over the same things together. When a new book comes out, you can bet I’m all over talking about it with other bookstagrammers. And when I get a recommendation, and read it, and love it, I have to share it with everyone. It’s the best community there is and I absolutely am thankful to share my love of books with all y’all.

I hope all of you had an amazing Thanksgiving. Feel free to drop some of the things you are most grateful for in the comments, bookish or otherwise.

  1. We love you, too, and are grateful for your cool posts. Interesting and fun and informative at the same time.

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