5 Great Weekend Reads

July 7, 2017

Hey, all! With another summer weekend upon us, I thought I’d make a handy list for great weekend reads. Whether you’ll be travelling, spending time on a beach, or enjoying a relaxing day at home, finding the perfect weekend-long book to read can be a tough choice. I took it upon myself to help narrow down the options for you. So, if you want a quick read to accompany you this weekend, read on.

One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories

This collection of short stories written by B.J. Novak (you may know him from “The Office”) is a great weekend read. No matter what you will be doing, this anthology of comedic stories goes by quickly, and adds a ton of fun to your day. The stories range from being less than a page to twelve pages. But even the shortest story packs a great comedic punch. If you are looking for an entertaining read to pick up and put down throughout the weekend, this one is definitely for you.

Everything, Everything

This book by Nicola Yoon recently became even more popular after the recent movie release. It features short chapters, fun illustrations, and is sure to be a book you won’t be able to put down. Follow the star-crossed story of Maddy and Olly as they tackle a rare disease and first love. If you are going to have a quiet weekend with plenty of downtime, check this book out. Not only will it catch you up on pop culture, but it is a good read to keep you from getting bored over the weekend.

Hotel Babylon

This is the perfect read for a fun, scandalous summer. By Anonymous and Imogen Edward-Jones this work tells the secret, true tales of a hotel manager. From celebrity encounters to crazy hotel guests, this book is too fun not to read this summer. It tells the stories of the anonymous manager in a 24-hour period. And once you start reading it, you won’t want to put it down. So, if looking for a fun and interesting read over the weekend, pick this one up. You won’t be disappointed.

Egghead: or, You Can’t Survive on Ideas Alone

Bo Burnham’s collection of poems is one of the greatest books to accompany you over the weekend. With drawings by Chance Bone, these poems are both hilarious and meaningful. This anthology is not only a quick read, but it’s fun to share with friends and family too. Since the poems are short but the book is long, “Egghead” can easily fill an entire weekend with an easy read and some fun jokes. Try it out if you think you’ll have a busy weekend without time for an intricate story line.

The Giver

While not exactly light-hearted, this book by Lois Lowry is short enough and easy enough to read in one weekend. Telling the story of Jonas, the boy who learns the value of feelings in a world with out them, “The Giver” packs an important lesson into a middle grade story. And while it is about a twelve-year-old, the story is engaging and relatable to people much outside that age range. If you want a great book to read over a relaxing weekend, try picking this one up.

  1. I absolutely love your blog! So creative and fun! I can’t choose which book to begin with this weekend, they all sound so great! Keep blogging!

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