Begin as You Mean to Go On

January 5, 2019

New year, new me, new Reading Whale. That’s right, resolutions aren’t just for people, but for blogs too! In 2019, I want to begin as I mean to go on, to be intentional with my choices involving Reading Whale.

You may have noticed an absence of subscription emails, or Facebook or Instagram posts, and it’s because I let life get in the way of keeping up with my blog. Instead of dedicating time to Reading Whale, I was enjoying my time in Australia and Alaska (pretty awesome experiences, even if I didn’t capture them fully online).

But that isn’t how I mean to go on into 2019. So, I wanted to write a post with a few things you can expect from Reading Whale in 2019, and feel free to hold me to them if I don’t always follow through.

Weekly Posts

That’s right. I’m back, and I’m ready to take book blogging by storm. I’ll be posting weekly on Thursdays. Expect many book reviews, quizzes, lists, and more!

Creative Writing

Speaking of that “and more,” I am really looking forward to starting to share my creative writing with you, along with tips on editing, writer’s block, and committing yourself to your work.

Instagram Templates

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, here is a reminder to! I am going to be starting on some bookish Instagram story templates, and I would love to see you all using them and tagging me in them so I can appreciate your bookish choices! One is already up on my Instagram page (@/readingwhale), if you want to check it out or make suggestions on what other templates to make.

I have plenty more up my sleeve, but I wanted to share that this year, I am beginning as I mean to go on. And that means being more committed to Reading Whale.

How do you mean to go on? I would love to hear some of your own resolutions for 2019!

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