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About Me

Hello! I'm Caitlin and I am the face behind Reading Whale. I initially created this blog to showcase my love for reading and discussing books, but I am trying to expand to include all of my passions--books, music, film, the works.

I hope you'll decide to read some of my posts, maybe even leave a comment. I love hearing what other people think and care about!

Right now, I'm a junior in college, where I am studying to get a BA in English (surprise, surprise). I love all types of literature, but especially a good adventure story. If you have any recommendations definitely send them my way!

The books that I review on this site are ones that I picked up on my own and that I willingly chose to review. If I received a copy for free, I will state so in the review and it will in no way change what I say about the book. I also don't rate books because I feel that using a scale to rate a book doesn't capture the true value or meaning of the story.

I look forward to all the things that are to come with Reading Whale. Don't hesitate to get in touch, I would love to hear from you all.